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The Ultimate Slimming Smoothie Recipe
and secrets for a slim energetic body!

“You are the food guru, Tania!”


I would definitely recommend Tania and her services to anyone who is done with fad diets and ready to make a huge life change.

My favorite results from working with Tania were obviously the weight loss, but more than anything would be the way I approach food. It’s no longer a scary thing anymore. Before, food was the enemy to me. I loved to eat, but I hated how it would make me feel afterwards. Now I could say that food is like my best friend. It not only satisfies me, but it also nourishes me, makes me feel good, happy and energetic. I still love to eat, but what I crave and want to eat has changed and that is huge! This is something that’s going to last me forever!

A few unexpected results I got were definitely my clearer skin which I’m loving, more energy, an aversion to junk food, a clearer mind, more awareness and a more spiritual way of thinking.

My all-time favorite part about working with Tania has been our weekly phone sessions. I’ve learned so, so much from our time together and I couldn’t put a price on this new found knowledge. It also kept me in check and motivated when I wasn’t feeling as strong as I should have. I also adored the recipes! They were all so delicious and very helpful when I wasn’t sure what I should make.

Thank you Tania. You have worked wonders!

~ Ann-Marie