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The Ultimate Slimming Smoothie Recipe
and secrets for a slim energetic body!

OrthobioticHave you seen them?  All the commercials touting PROBIOTICS?  Do you wonder if you need them and then do you wonder if they actually work?  The probiotics industry has exploded over the past decade and just like other health promoting products to hit the shelves, it’s got its good and not so great sides.  For me, the time when I realized that not so great side, was when I saw a brand of chocolate bars for sale, that were advertising, “now contains 1 million CFU probiotics”.  See, not all probiotics are created equal, and with a plethora of claims, it’s no surprise people can be skeptical.  In this newsletter, I will guide you and hope to empower you to make good decisions. What I want you to remember is: 

Adding probiotics to your daily diet can boost your immune system and support your body’s motility.  Every culture has its own version of probiotics – It’s that important!
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Best Ever Cranberry Sauce – No Cooking Required!

Raw Cranberry Sauce

Raw Cranberry Sauce

 Happy Thanksgiving!  

This week, I’m all about Cranberries!  Why?  Because Thanksgiving time gives us the opportunity to eat one of the most powerful foods on the planet.  Yup.  The humble little cranberry.  Cranberries are water harvested, meaning they float on water until they are harvested.  This direct and constant exposure to sunlight helps the cranberries develop greater concentrations of anthocyanins – powerful antioxidants – that provide us with disease fighting benefits. 

I am dedicating this weeks’ post to the humble cranberry and giving you three simple recipes that highlight the delicious and powerful benefits of it.  

First up, the base recipe you will use for the next two:  The Best Ever Cranberry Sauce.  Once you make this, you will never go back to the can.  Plus, it’s a completely raw recipe!

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Why I Eat Food, Not Too Much, Mostly Plants

Don't go down this aisle

Processed food filled grocery aisle

I was invited to present some of my most creative recipes last week with a twist, at a fun party hosted by one of my good friends.  The twist was, I had to create the recipes infused with essential oils (more on that in a bit).  As I was standing there, giving samples and talking about the recipes and how I came up with them, the conversation quickly turned to me and what I personally eat.  ”What’s your diet?”  ”Are you a Vegan?”  ”Do you eat only raw foods?”  ”What do you think about dairy?”.  I LOVE these questions because to me, it opens the door to having a conversation about food, health and nutrition (my FAVORITE topics).  About my personal diet question, my answer was pretty consistent:  I eat food, not too much, mostly plants.   Hmmm.. Does that line sound familiar?  Well, if you’ve ever heard of Michael Pollan, he turned those simple seven words ( I added the “I” )  into a national mantra for healthy eating.  (He also wrote The Omnivore’s DilemmaIn Defense of Food and Cooked.) So what does this mean for you?  Am I going to now present you with a new diet plan to follow?  Or tell you about the new fad diet? You can rest assured, that is not [click to continue…]

What You Didn’t Know About Chia Seeds + A Divine Recipe

photoI’ve been getting lots of requests lately about Chia seeds.  What are they? How do I use them? Why should I eat them? Are they easy to prepare?  Are they really a superfood? Aren’t these the same seeds we used as kids to grow Chia pets?  
If you’ve wondered the same thing, read on!  You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers.  

Yes, Chia seeds have become quite popular over the past few years and I am thrilled!  They are one of my favorite superfoods (defined as a food super rich in nutrients for little calories).  So, exactly what are these seeds and where do they come from?  

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Artichoke, Sardine and Capers SaladDid you know in the last 150 years we have seen an unprecedented change in our fat intake?  Particularly an intake from oils?  Refined, inflammatory omega-6 oils including corn, soy, cottonseed and safflower oils have replaced the more beneficial Omega-3 oils from fish, wild game and wild plants.  The ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fats has increased from 1:1 to 15:1 or 20:1 in our diets, and the effects have been bad, to say the least.  Most major diseases of aging as well as the epidemic of brain disorders are directly associated with this change in our diet.  

Today, the only real sources of Omega-3 fats are wild fish and game, seaweed, algae, breast milk and eggs from chickens fed only flaxseeds and fish meal.  Our brains don’t work without Omega-3 fats, period.  That is why low levels of Omega-3 fats have been linked to everything from
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