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The Ultimate Slimming Smoothie Recipe
and secrets for a slim energetic body!

Healthy is the new hot. And what’s even hotter than being healthy? Being happy. I’m Tania Mercer, and it’s my life’s mission to help make you happy, healthy and hot!

Are you waiting to “start your life” when you get the body you want?
Are you just over the whole dieting/weight loss thing and just want to be healthy? Do you just want to get those skinny jeans on and like what you see in the mirror?

Well, good. That means you’re ready.

Ready to finally take this head-on and ditch the extra weight. Ready to reclaim your energy, your skin, and even your sex drive! Ready to live the life YOU want to live.
I’ve never met a body that didn’t sing with joy after I got through with it. As a lifelong nutrition geek, I’ve studies and learned it all! And after all these years and thousands of hours studying and applying what I’ve learned about food and our bodies, I’ve discovered a secret:


Achieving and maintaining a healthy and naturally slender body can be simple. Nobody wants you to realize that, though. It’s what keeps the weight loss industry booming! With all the confusing (contradictory) information out there, it’s no wonder smart women like you can’t seem to retire form the weight loss game.

But I care about you.
I want you to experience what it feels like to have a vibrant, healthy, radiant body that’s so full of energy, you won’t be able to contain it!

Check out my Top 5 Foods for Weight Loss TV appearance here


 Anybody can benefit from the knowledge I’ve got, but my passion is working with feisty women like you. You’re SO ready to have the body you’ve been wanting. You’ve made the decision to do the work, and I’m here to help you cross the finish line and STAY THERE. This is it. There’s no turning back.

You can have a rockin’ healthy body. I’ll show you how.
I’ll light a fire under your booty til it looks just the way you want it to ;)

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Professional Bio:

Tania Mercer is a board-certified holistic health coach, clinical nutritionist, raw food chef, and cooking instructor. She has taught hundreds of classes on healthy living and superb cuisine and worked with hundreds of people to shed excess weight and reverse health issues.

TM fox&LTL

Tania is a regularly called upon nutrition expert for Let’s Talk Live, ABC’s only live talk show in the Washington DC Metro region, and can be frequently seen on FOX News showcasing her healthy cuisine and discussing natural alternatives on topics ranging from weight loss to healing from chronic disease. She created a complete nutrition course for Discovery Channel Inc’s employees in addition to serving as a regular instructor at NBC, The Smithsonian, Holy Cross Hospital, the Department Of Labor and Whole Foods. Through these roles, Tania inspires thousands of people to live healthier lives through simple lifestyle shifts.

TM cooking

Tania recently created Sunfire Girls, a company dedicated to making healthy snacks on the go. Her first product line – Sunfire Girls Kale Chips – has been wildly successful.

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