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The Ultimate Slimming Smoothie Recipe
and secrets for a slim energetic body!

Why You Should Be Eating Brazil Nuts

Brazil Nuts

Who has not had a brazil nut?  If you have not, perhaps you have not known about the amazing health benefits contained in these guys!  In fact, it only takes about two to three a day to get the benefits offered up by this South American nut.  This nut is called a Brazil nut because, you guessed it, it comes mostly from Brazil!  In fact, this tree does not grow outside the Amazon basin which includes parts of Bolivia and Peru, so this nut can come from one of these three countries.     I will show you below how to make a delicious dairy free milk using Brazil nuts.  This is one of the best ways to gain all the nutritional benefits of this nut.  Of course, you can always pop two or three in your mouth as well :)  

So what is the big deal about these nuts?

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Kale and Goji Berry Salad

Kale and Gogi Salad This salad is a rockstar in the salad world!  Thanks to the super food ingredients, kale and Goji berries!  The bonus?  You also get to have leftover dressing which you can use on any other salads, like romaine, baby greens etc.  This salad also keeps well in the refrigerator for a superhero lunch the next day

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Are You Inflamed?

Anti Inflammatory ElixirWell, I gotta tell you, there is inflammation going on in your body. This inflammation is usually triggered by our immune system releasing inflammatory chemicals as a response to an irritant. This response is ongoing and causes damage and health problems that can show up in any part of the body.

 Sometimes the inflammation even goes unnoticed by us because the symptoms are below the threshold of pain or we just get used to feeling the way we feel, and we ignore it. But, it is important to realize that long-term inflammation is a common risk factor for a broad range of diseases and health conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, alzheimer’s and many others. It can even cause weight gain or make it difficult to get the weight off. Thankfully, there is something you can do, starting today, that can help alleviate the inflammatory

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How To Make Almond Milk

In this short video, I show you how to make your own almond milk from scratch. When you make your own almond milk you get a pure almond milk, without all the added ingredients you find in the store bought version. Plus, you can flavor it any way you like. Watch my little twist on how to make it super yummy with an added nutrition boost!

Why make almond milk you ask? Check out the top 3 reasons why the humble almond is a great idea to add to your daily nutrition. Such power in a little package! [click to continue…]

Country Life B-Vitamin ComplexI know.  For years, I thought I did not need to take supplements. I thought, well I eat a super healthy diet rich in greens, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, etc.. I am all set!  Wow was I wrong!  After some very specific blood work, it became crystal clear I was deficient in key nutrients.  A big one for me was Vitamin D.  Oh was I low!  So low I even got lectured by my doc!  ”See? You do need to supplement.  What do you think about a level of 22/dcl now?” He said to me while shaking his finger at me.  Well, that is just too low and as far as I’m concerned a breeding ground for disease…So, I gulped and told him he was right – I have to stop being in denial.

I am sharing this story with you to let you know, no matter how healthy you think you eat, you need to supplement.

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